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Murphy = Inconvenience vs Tragedy

August 9th, 2012 at 03:32 pm

Well I get home from work and as I'm switching my sunglasses off and putting my regular glasses back on I feel a SNAP! and they break in half right at the bridge. Doesn't that just figure. I now have my 1995 backups on and they're a little bothersome but they're doing the job for now. I called and left a message for my eye doctor and I'll probably be on the hook for at least one pair of frames. Back when we were digging out of debt I'd have probably panicked about how to pay for it (I'm still going to try Krazy Glue...although that never works considering how thin the bridge is.) Now I know I have plenty of money in the medical budget category and a new pair of frames is going to be a minor inconvenience instead of a Murphy tragedy.

Over the weekend DW (the wife!) and I cleaned out our master bedroom closet (well at least the bottom of it.) Normally my wife would stay well clear of this process but I enticed her by making it like she was at the store. She had dozens upon dozens of shoes and purses so I pulled them all out and put them in another room. Then one by one i brought each pair of shoes and each purse in and had her look them over. She got to keep, donate, ebay or toss the shoes depending on how attached she was to them. Instead of paying with cash she was paying with space. We have only so much space in our closet and I always give her the majority so I said you can keep enough to fill the shoe racks in the closet but once they were full we needed to compromise. She was great and we eliminated over 30 pairs of shoes! The closet now has a whole floor of space and she still kept a lot of shoes. We also emptied out all the purses and found a lot of change and even a few gift cards. I took the change to the bank today and put it in one of those penny arcades and we deposited $156.56 in change! I also deposited $169.23 from ebay sales to the checking account. Now she can get her hair done and I'll put the rest towards my glasses.

You can take anything that seems like a chore and turn it into a fun time (and cleaning out the closet ended up making us money...so talk about a no cost activity.) Who knows what you might have around the house that you don't need (and that someone else sure could use!)

3 Responses to “Murphy = Inconvenience vs Tragedy”

  1. snafu Says:

    Smart way to get through the emotional minefields of closet, shoes & handbags.

    If your glasses are relatively new, lens prescription still valid it's possible to get a new frame to fit existing lenses. If you need new lens look at the on-line suppliers like Zenni which might suit you.

  2. I-78 Commute Says:

    Thanks! Yep that's the plan. I did try the Krazy Glue and they're sitting but the glasses are relatively current (within the last year) so that's what I was thinking too. Just swap the lenses out into new frames. Thanks for the Zenni point as well...will check them out.

  3. North Georgia Gal Says:

    LOVE IT! Great way to get rid of stuff!

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